About us


e-Scooter World Europe is a young organization that has started importing e-mobility products from Switzerland. With a number of innovative products, for which we have signed an exclusive contract with the factories (10 countries), we try to conquer the European market.

One of these products is the WideWheel Pro. A "step" that in our eyes has a number of major differences compared to the steps / e-scooters that you see a lot on the street.
The WideWheel Pro has, as the name implies, extra wide wheels that ensure that the user is much more stable and is not pneumatic. In addition, we have made a number of adjustments together with the manufacturer for the purpose of increasing safety and in connection with applying for type approval RDW-NL & TUV-D.
For example, we had the e-scooter equipped with a double brake, around reflectors, and improved lighting, direction indicators and a left-hand mirror.

As a Swiss organization, safety and reliability are of paramount importance to us. After a long search and implemented improvements, the WideWheel from Mercane (K) is a product that we are proud to put on the market.

In 2019 we entered into a cooperation agreement with Van Amersfoort Racing in Zeewolde. The drivers and teams of VAR will use the WideWeel Pro on the circuits in the 2020 and 2021 season and our company name will be shown on all trucks. From e-Scooter World Europe we will support the development of up-and-coming talent by raising funds that ensure the talent program for a long time.