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High performance, Unbeatable price unique design Aerodynamic design WideWheel electric scooter

Mercane WideWheel Pro is the most comfortable electric scooter you’ll ever ride. With front and rear suspension and ridiculously wide 100mm tires, it’s incredibly comfortable even when on uneven terrain. Due to the extra-wide wheel profile, the WideWheel can provide better stability when turning and traction on a wet surface.

Designed in Korea, the WideWheel electric scooter mainframe is forged with cutting edge die casting methods to improve the overall quality, strength, and aesthetic.

WideWheel boasts high-powered 48V 500W BLDC hub motor which offers excellent hill-climbing torque and improved riding performance for more demanding riding conditions.

The front and rear suspensions are made of 4 individual alloy forks with strong steel springs. The wheel assemblies are designed to adjust to uneven terrain, providing a smoother ride.

The WideWheel’s 120mm brake disc and its first-class calipers are integrated into the braking system making it extremely efficient on braking, even on steep slopes.

Proudly designed in Korea, the next generation controller box found in WideWheel is customized to enhance the riding performance and extend the life cycle of the motor by using a smart heat controller.

The WideWheel is equipped with bright front and rear light for better visibility at night and dual brake system.